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Holistic Counseling in Northern New Jersey

Treating the whole person is far more effective than only treating his or her symptoms. Holistic counseling from Psycho-Educational Associates is very effective at treating a number of disorders in patients residing in Totowa, Little Falls Township, Woodland Park and the surrounding areas in New Jersey.

What is Holistic Counseling?

Holistic counseling is derived from the Greek word “holos,” which means “complete” or “whole.” This means that holistic therapist views disorders and diseases as part of the greater whole. Holistic counselors do not just treat symptoms ; they look beyond that and attempt to figure out reasons for a certain disorder. Counselors in this field look at how the body, mind, and spirit interconnect to help promote wellness. This type of counseling will typically explore one’s pattern of self care including diet, nutrition, and exercise.

What are the Most Common Therapies Used in Holistic Counseling?

Some of the most popular therapies used by holistic counselors include:

  • Mindfulness, a reflective process where a person can view his or her own behaviors and thoughts from a humane The goal of mindfulness in holistic therapy is to promote self-awareness and self-therapy.
  • Psychotherapy-holistic psychotherapists typically use formal techniques in their holistic therapeutic approach. Further, they help clients analyze aspects of the self or personality in the subconscious and unconscious state.
  • Art, which is used to inspect the subconscious and unconscious mind, as well as to strengthen the imagination.
  • Hypnosis, a technique used to examine deeper levels of awareness.
  • Nutrition and nutritional supplements are discussed as a means to promote overall health and to enhance the mind, body, spirit connection.

The main goal of holistic counseling is to encourage self-healing and self-discovery. Holistic counselors often state that they are in a partnership with their clients. As such, they do not just pass on their wisdom and knowledge, but instead teach clients how to become more aware on their own.

How can Holistic Counseling Help Me?

Holistic counseling may help you achieve:

  • A more restful, centralized approach to life
  • Greater health and vitality
  • Outstanding self-recognition and self-acceptance
  • Emotional prosperity
  • A heightened sense of spirituality
  • A higher capability of dealing with traumatic events such as divorce, abuse, or death
  • More optimism

Why Choose Holistic Counseling?

Holistic counseling is extremely effective when treating difficult, long-lasting cases. It is an exclusive form of therapy that provides better benefits than traditional counseling methods. Helping a client heal through the connection of body and mind is something that can only be done through holistic counseling.

If other treatment methods have proven unsuccessful, it may be time to give holistic counseling a try. Here at Psycho-Educational Associates, we have experienced, caring professionals standing by ready to provide you with holistic counseling and a variety of other services Contact us today to schedule your appointment!