Tutoring in Northern New Jersey

When a child has difficulty mastering a certain subject, tutoring may be all that’s needed to boost his or her performance. Parents of school-aged children in Totowa, Little Falls Township, Woodland Park and the surrounding areas in New Jersey can count on Psycho-Educational Associates for expert tutoring services.

We Offer Tutoring Services Based on Individual Needs

We offer quality, individualized tutoring services based on information and data acquired by reviewing records, gathering information from records and historical information from third party individuals, and various standardized and informal assessments. The evaluations we conduct, reveal your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses, and, therefore, determine things that can allow your son or daughter to perform his or her best. Next, an action plan is created with goals and objectives to reach. Each plan of action is designed specifically for your child, allowing for a comfortable, motivational environment that will allow him or her to fully progress academically.

It is always best to have as much data as possible, such as results of all evaluations conducted, before an individualized tutoring plan can be developed. If no evaluations have been conducted, our tutors are trained to conduct assessments to identify academic strengths and weaknesses to guide the interventions to be developed. We tailor our approach based on your child’s personality to create a comfortable environment that will boost self-esteem and progress in school.

With our certified tutoring services, we offer:

  • Qualified teachers and specialists
  • All-inclusive testing
  • Personalized goals
  • Customized tutoring & learning strategies

How can my Child Benefit from Tutoring?

Our tutoring services help in the following ways:

Remediation & Education

Our remedial and educational tutoring services may help by:

  • Teaching advanced reading comprehension
  • Improving written language skills
  • Strengthening math skills
  • Enhancing study skills

Homework Tutoring

Homework tutoring may benefit your child by resulting in:

  • Fewer fights with your child over homework
  • A reduction in homework completion time
  • Increased accuracy in the completion of assignments
  • More enjoyment of your child

Who can Benefit from Academic Coaching?

For students who have any number of organizational problems, academic coaching from one of our tutors is ideal. Academic coaching is different than tutoring because the focus is on specific teaching strategies instead of material and content.

Does your child:

  • Forget to write down daily homework assignments?
  • Leave books and other study material at home or at school?
  • Have trouble remembering scheduled tests and homework assignments?
  • Wait until the last moment to complete assignments?
  • Find it difficult to study for tests?
  • Struggle to portray ideas on paper?
  • Lack time management skills?
  • Have a disheveled locker or backpack?

If so, coaching can be beneficial. The strategies that our teachers use can be implemented both at home and at school. They will also allow for a stronger sense of independence and self-worth, thereby resulting in greater academic success.

Tutoring and academic coaching can make a remarkable difference in how well your child succeeds in school. Here at Psycho-Educational Associates, we have experienced, caring professionals standing by ready to provide you with tutoring and a variety of other services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!