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Psychoeducational Evaluation in Northern New Jersey

Poor academic performance is often caused by underlying issues such as a learning disability, which can only be determined after a thorough psychoeducational evaluation. Here at Psycho-Educational Associates, we provide comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations to help parents determine the best course of action to improve their child’s academic success. We are proud to serve clients throughout Northern New Jersey, including the cities of Totowa, Little Falls Township, Woodland Park, and the surrounding areas.

What is a Psychoeducational Evaluation?

A psychoeducational evaluation involves a test or series of tests designed to measure a child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. It is customized for each child, and may consist of several things, including:

  • Wechester Intelligence Tests for Children (WISC-IV)
  • Woodcock-Johnson Achievement Test
  • Tests designed to measure cognitive functions such as memory or language skills
  • Evaluations of executive functions that include organizational skills and ability to pay attention
  • Psychological assessments

Significance of a Psychoeducational Evaluation

Academic interventions to improve a student’s performance can only be successful when the reasons for one’s struggles are clear. A comprehensive assessment performed by a highly-skilled professional is a must to determine what changes would best benefit the child. A psychoeducational evaluation is a detailed process that involves carefully collecting and analyzing relevant data to come up with a plan that will meet each child’s needs precisely.

Here at Psycho-Educational Associates, our philosophy is rooted in cross-battery assessment. A cross-battery assessment helps us determine the specific nature of your child’s academic struggles rather than focusing on a broad area of functioning.

Assessments take into account the student as a whole while considering his or her cultural, background and personal experiences. Each evaluation is performed by a highly-trained clinician who uses best practices to increase the effectiveness of our intervention programs.

Our Approach

What makes us different from other psycho-educational evaluation specialists is that we have no vested interest in recommending any particular intervention. As such, we are able to conduct our assessments objectively to come up with a solution that is tailored toward your child’s individual needs.

If a child has problems in school, our testing and evaluations can help determine if poor interpersonal skills or anger management are an underlying issue. We will also perform testing to determine if an individual is suffering from depression or anxiety. It’s not always easy to know why students are struggling academically, which is why psychoeducational evaluations are often needed.

Each psychoeducational evaluation we conduct is accompanied by a comprehensive report that contains diagnostic impressions and practical recommendations, where applicable, to assist in planning for successful interventions.

Seeing a Psychologist

A so-called “cookie cutter” approach to diagnosing learning disabilities is ineffective, which is why we tailor our approach to fit your son or daughter’s exact needs. For maximum results, a psychoeducational evaluation should be conducted by a licensed and trained clinical specialist, who will also be able to accurately interpret the results and develop a plan of action.

What to Expect During a Psychoeducational Evaluation

A psychoeducational evaluation can be very comprehensive, and may, therefore, require a great deal of time to conduct. Depending upon your child’s age and maturity level, the assessment may be broken down into multiple segments over a period of several days. Before administering any testing, we will first try to build a relationship with you and your child so that everyone is comfortable with the process. Doing so allows children to do their best by helping to alleviate any anxiety they may have about the process.

Once testing is complete, we will take some time to compile the results and then come up with a plan of action. We will meet with you to discuss our findings and answer any questions you may have concerning the results. If you agree, we may also share these results with your child’s school.

Psychoeducational evaluations provide a personalized approach in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis and increase your child’s chances of success. Here at Psycho-Educational Associates, we have experienced, caring professionals standing by ready to provide you with psychoeducational evaluations and a variety of other services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!