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Occupational Therapy/Evaluations in Northern New Jersey

Occupational therapy can be very beneficial when it comes to helping people master the necessary skills for daily living. Patients in Totowa, Woodland Park, Little Falls Township and the surrounding areas in New Jersey rely on Psycho-Educational Associates for all their occupational therapy needs.

Significance of Occupational Therapy

An “occupation” is defined as the tasks involved in the everyday activities that a person considers important. These can include tasks related to recreation, productivity, and self-care. The purpose of occupational therapy is to teach the skills necessary for living, while also addressing the issues that prevent people from performing their “occupation.”

An occupational therapist specializes in analyzing and adapting occupations and using them therapeutically to help clients meet certain goals. In short, these therapists can help clients:

  • Discover different ways to do things; for instance, preparing meals or buttoning a shirt with one hand following a stroke
  • Adapt the tools and items they use to suit their needs, such as making pencils larger or developing a special seat for a child
  • Create change within their environment; for instance, negotiating with a boss about returning to work gradually after an accident
  • Improve coordination enough to use eating utensils effectively
  • Improve sensory skills enough to draw on a surface covered with thick foam

Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are specially trained to deal with developmental, physical and psychosocial disorders. As such, they look at the person as a whole instead of just his or her physical issues. Patients who visit an occupational therapist can gain some necessary skills that will allow them to enjoy life more. The benefits of occupational therapy can be enjoyed not only by patients, but also friends, family members and co-workers as well.

Occupational therapy can help overcome and/or develop strategies to cope with:

  • Problems with seating or mobility from arthritis, back injuries, developmental disorders or aging
  • Chronic pain caused by illness or injury
  • Returning to work after a serious injury or disease
  • Housekeeping tasks, which may need to be relearned after a traumatic brain injury or psychological illness
  • Remembering things for patients affected by stress, dementia or brain injury

Occupational therapy can help prevent:

  • Needless trips to the hospital or admission to a nursing facility
  • Job-related injuries caused by poor posture, working too fast or other significant strains
  • Dropping out of school because of academic difficulties or poor attention span
  • Employment problems in people with mental illnesses or developmental disabilities

Does Your Child Need an Occupational Therapy Evaluation?

Regardless of whether your child has received early intervention (EI) services before, his or her teacher might suggest an occupational therapy evaluation if your child struggles with:

  • Manipulating pencils or crayons to create letters and shapes
  • Using everyday school items like glue or pencil sharpeners
  • Following instructions and adhering to routines

Shortly after birth, your child will develop skills such as looking at objects and communicating needs and desires. While no two children develop at the same pace, the majority reach milestones like walking, crawling or talking at roughly the same age. If it seems like your child is behind in his or her development, it is natural to be concerned; however, slower-than-average development does not necessarily mean something is wrong. An early intervention could be needed to determine whether a problem exists so a treatment plan can be put in place early on.

Occupational therapy can not only help your loved one become more independent, but also enhance his or her self-esteem. Here at Psycho-Educational Associates, we have experienced, caring professionals standing by ready to assist you with occupational therapy and a variety of other services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!