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Psychoeducational (School-Based) Services in Northern New Jersey

If your son or daughter is struggling academically, there could be a number of reasons why. An assessment from Psycho-Educational Associates can identify the problem and help you come up with a solution to help your child excel.

A psycho-educational assessment can aid us in determining your child’s levels of emotional, social, behavioral and cognitive function. Our evaluations use information provided by you and your child’s teachers, along with results of any testing that may have been done. We can also perform evaluations in the classroom. These evaluations are designed to meet each child’s unique needs, helping you find answers to any particular questions you might have concerning your child’s development.

Parents and caretakers may choose to have their kids evaluated for a variety of purposes. Psycho-educational evaluations can be beneficial for discovering ADHD, learning disabilities or emotional disturbances that could be interfering with your child’s ability to succeed academically. These tests can even pinpoint your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and may also give insight on how those strengths and weaknesses might affect his or her school performance.

What can an Evaluation Show Us?

When a psycho-educational evaluation is performed and deciphered by a trained professional, it can help us determine several things, a few of which may be:

  • Your child’s current learning ability and level of potential
  • Whether or not your child is making achievements at a normal rate
  • Reasons why your child receives poor grades, yet seems to be working harder than others in the school
  • Whether or not a child’s learning ability can be improved through specialized treatment
  • Whether or not there is an inability to pay attention

Aren’t these the Same Things my Child has Already been Evaluated on in School?

The purpose of evaluations provided by schools is typically to find out if a child qualifies for special educational services. The purpose of our evaluations is to understand what is causing the child’s problems in the first place. After we find the reason, we will be able to develop a customized plan for treatment based on your child’s needs.

If my Child has been Diagnosed with a Learning Problem, why do you need to do more Testing?

We offer treatments for several academic problems. To provide the right treatment, testing must be both recent and specific. Only when we can provide a fully accurate diagnosis will we be able to create a customized treatment plan designed to help your child succeed.

We will gladly review any files or history pertaining to your child. If your child had already undergone testing recently, additional testing might not be necessary. Unfortunately, in most cases, older test results are not specific enough to allow us to make a definitive diagnosis.

Our Psychoeducational (School-Based) Services Include:

At the first sign of academic problems, schedule a psycho-educational assessment to determine what is causing the issue. Here at Psycho-Educational Associates, we have experienced, caring professionals standing by ready to assist schedule you with a variety of issues. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!