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Our Practice

Our Mission

Whether referring to learning difficulties in the academic environment or syndromes in a clinical setting, treatment can only be successful when it is based on a comprehensive assessment. It takes a highly skilled professional to collect relevant data and comprehensively analyze the information to provide successful intervention strategies. At Psycho-Educational Associates, it is our mission to provide such comprehensive services that begin, naturally, in the assessment process; for it is the assessment process that truly drives appropriate and effective individualized intervention.

Who We Are

We are a group of highly trained professionals who specialize in the evaluation and assessment of a number of disorders. Our philosophy is rooted in cross-battery assessment. This approach requires the comprehensive assessment and analysis of individual abilities to determine the specific nature of one’s difficulty. Assessments are conducted with the whole person in mind while considering one’s cultural, historical, and social background. Each evaluation is conducted by a clinician using specific standardized instruments. This approach conforms to best practices and increases the effectiveness of interventions.

What separates us from other specialists is that we provide direct clinical services on a limited basis. This allows us to conduct evaluations and assessments from a truly objective position. We have no vested interest in recommending any particular intervention, and instead focus strictly on meeting the client’s needs.

At Psycho-Educational Associates, every evaluation is conducted promptly and professionally. In addition, every evaluation conducted will be accompanied by a comprehensive report with diagnostic impressions and practical recommendations, where applicable, to assist in planning for successful interventions.