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Substance Abuse Interventions in Northern New Jersey

Sometimes, substance abuse interventions are needed in order to make a person realize that he or she has a problem. Before planning an intervention, New Jersey patients residing in Totowa, Little Falls Township, Woodland Park or the surrounding areas should consult with Psycho-Educational Associates for sound guidance and strategic planning advice.

What is Substance Abuse?

When someone uses drugs or alcohol for a non-medical reason, they are misusing substances. While substance abuse is often associated with illicit drug use, legal substances including alcohol, over-the-counter or prescribed drugs, nicotine, caffeine and materials like paint or glue can also be misused.

Addiction can be physical or psychological in nature or both. Addicts feel cravings to use certain substances as a result of continued use. Some substances are not as addictive as others, and some individuals are at higher risk of becoming addicts, depending on genetic predisposition, lifestyle and physical and mental health.

Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse or Addiction

A few common signs of substance abuse and addiction include:

  • Repeatedly using substances in order to manage physically, socially or emotionally
  • Shirking responsibilities and neglecting activities the person once enjoyed (work, school, family, social obligations or hobbies)
  • Engaging in risky behaviors because of substance use (driving while intoxicated, having unprotected sex or using unsanitary needles)
  • Problems with relationships (losing friends, arguing with a spouse, relatives, and friends)
  • Exhibiting physical tolerance – requiring more of the substance to achieve the same level of intoxication
  • Withdrawal – symptoms can be physical and mental, and occur when the individual is not using or not using enough of a substance to feel “normal”
  • Uncontrollable use – the individual is unable to cease use, even after deciding to stop
  • Having the substance take over the individual’s life, as he or she spends more time using, finding or obtaining the substance and recovering from intoxication

Goals and Objectives of Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance Abuse interventions and treatment are highly specialized and should be individualized. Each person undergoing a substance abuse evaluation at Psycho-Educational Associates will have a comprehensive evaluation to determine specific needs, strengths and liabilities. Assessment and interventions are typically multi-dimensional and aim to help each patient reach identified and mutually agreed upon goals. After After a comprehensive evaluation is conducted and mutually agreed upon goals are identified, the Addictions specialist will make practical recommendations to assist in arresting the progression of chemical dependency and begin an effective recovery process. Best practices suggests that treatment recommendations take the individual’s personal factors into account when assessing needs. Treatment should always be in accordance with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria.

After a comprehensive evaluation the addictions Specialist may recommend any variety of treatment modalities to address the individual’s substance abuse. Some of these options are Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Partial Hospitalization, or Detoxification. Often a multifaceted approach is recommended to address the patient’s presenting issues which may include a combination of treatment and other interventions. An example of this may be something like Suboxone management combined with group therapy and anger management counseling. This individualized approach has proven to be most effective and is the foundation of our philosophy.

Substance abuse interventions have led to thousands of people seeking help over the years. Here at Psycho-Educational Associates, we have experienced, caring professionals standing by ready to provide you with substance abuse intervention assistance and a variety of other services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!