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Psychosexual Evaluations (Sex Offender Evaluations) in Northern New Jersey

Unusual sexual behavior is cause for concern, regardless of whether it happens in adolescents or adults. A psychosexual evaluation performed by Psycho-Educational Associates can help New Jersey patients in Totowa, Woodland Park, and Little Falls Township get the help they need to overcome risky behavior.

When is a Psychosexual Evaluation Needed?

When a person has been suspected of behaving in a sexually inappropriate way, that individual is sometimes given a psychosexual evaluation to determine his or her risk of repeating the negative behavior in the future. The evaluation is also used to determine the root cause of the inappropriate sexual behavior. A course of treatment and management is then recommended for that person.

The Purpose of Sex Offender Evaluations

Healthcare professionals use sex offender evaluations in determining:

  • The likelihood of an individual engaging in sexual misconduct in the future
  • The best approach for beginning treatment
  • How likely the patient is to comply with treatment
  • Possible factors that could interfere with treatment

Psychosexual evaluations are not used for:

  • Determining whether an individual is guilty or innocent
  • Establishing whether or not an individual is a “sex offender”
  • Matching the individual to a “portrait” of a sex offender

Psychosexual Evaluation Process

It is important not to lump the terms “psychosexual evaluations” and “psychological evaluations” together. While the two share similar qualities, they are quite different from one another. Specifically, a psychosexual evaluation is used to explore an individual’s sexual history, as well as their fantasies, sexual development, attitudes, and adjustment. Digital tests may also be performed to help determine an individual’s sexual interests, preferences, and arousal. These factors are what boldly separate psychosexual evaluations and psychological evaluations.

When healthcare professionals conduct sex offender evaluations, many types of information are used throughout the process. For example, school records, prior court interviews, police reports, treatment records, and victim statements might be used. When a juvenile is evaluated, parents are also often interviewed.

Don’t put off having a psychosexual evaluation because you fear being judged. Here at Psycho-Educational Associates, we have experienced, caring professionals standing by ready to provide you with psychosexual evaluations and a variety of other services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!