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Disorders in Northern New Jersey

Mental health disorders don’t have to get you down, when New Jersey residents can easily obtain help from Psycho-Educational Associates, a leader in treating patients from Totowa, Little Falls Township, Woodland Park and the surrounding areas.

What are Mental Health Disorders?

The term “mental health disorder” can refer to a number of mental health conditions. The unifying characteristic that each mental health disorder has is that they all impair or affect your mood, thinking and/or behavior.

It is common for people to experience distress and go through periods in which they have a change in their mood, thinking, or behavior. The distinguishing characteristic that separates mental health concerns with mental health disorders is that these symptoms occur with enough frequency, and/or magnitude to impair a person’s ability to function.

Mental illness can negatively affect many aspects of a person’s life and may encroach on his or her ability to have normal relationships. Many people have trouble functioning due to mental health disorders. Psychotherapy and medicinal treatment are the two most common ways to manage symptoms, with treatments options varying wildly between individuals.

What Causes a Mental Health Disorder?

Genetics can increase a person’s likelihood of developing a mental disorder. Specifically, those who have a history of mental illness in their family are at greater risk of developing a mental health disorder. Other factors that increase the likelihood of an individual developing a mental health disorder include environment and specific psychological factors. An example of these factors would include traumatic experiences, including abusive and near-death experiences, as well as negative social experiences.

What Are the Signs of a Mental Health Disorder?

Most symptoms highlight a change in personality or mood in a person outside of what is normally expected. Common advice is that if a person experiences a dramatic shift in personality, social interactions or general mental state, then he or she should seek professional help.

Emotional Symptoms

When a person has a mental health problem that affects his or her emotional state, the symptoms can be varied. Some common symptoms include:

  • Less control over impulses
  • Constant and re-occurring anxiety
  • Rapid or dramatic shifts in mood
  • Extreme changes in self-image
  • Scattered and erratic thought processes

Physical Symptoms

Some mental and emotional changes brought on by mental health disorders can result in certain physical symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Sudden weight loss or gain

Types of Mental Health Disorders

There are many different types of mental health disorders. Listed below are some of the common disorders that affect people of all ages:

Mental health disorders are very common, so you should not be apprehensive about seeking treatment. Here at Psycho-Educational Associates, we have experienced, caring professionals standing by ready to provide you with help for mental health disorders and a variety of other services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!