Individualized and Confidential Professional Services in Northern New Jersey

At Psycho-Educational Associates, our mission is to provide comprehensive services that begin with the assessment process, for it is the assessment process that drives individualized intervention. Whether referring to learning difficulties in the academic environment or syndromes in a clinical setting, efficient and effective interventions can only be successful when they are based on a comprehensive assessment. It takes a highly skilled professional to collect and analyze relevant data, form hypotheses, and provide insightful intervention strategies.

The process will depend on the type of evaluation one needs. It usually consists of a series of structured and semi-structured meetings and interviews to gather information. An assessment may also involve acquiring data through third party entities, and performing standardized testing.

Each person’s relative strengths and weaknesses are analyzed, and then concrete recommendations are made. Each person seeking services will come with his or her own individual goals. Some will want to meet grade level expectations, some will desire academic test preparation, and some will want to optimize performance in other ways. All of our services are highly individualized, and a person’s achievements will be measured according to his or her plan.